Monday, 30 May 2016

Sorry or ThankYou

Sorry or ThankYou? ???
Which word is more meaningful ??
Which word is more touch your heart???
I always think about it and always reach on the same answer. Why not we use thankyou instead of sorry ??
Reason behind it is when we hurt someone and we realize that we hurt then the only word comes into our mind is sorry, is it so???
But ever you think that if you use thank you that time with some appreciating words (or remembering that time when that person did something good for you) will affect more..
I dont know what you people think but i think it will affect.
Sorry always feels like a unknown but thank you always feels me something special..
If we talk someone and give our precious time,there are no need of thank or sorry..but if that isnot possible for you then plz don't use sorry plz..